Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl floor tiles are an innovative type of resilient flooring that is suitable for all rooms, with kitchens and bathrooms being favourites, due to its’ water resistant properties.

fitting vinyl floor tiles

Most LVT flooring has at least five layers, which help to keep the floor thin and flexible but also strong, durable and waterproof.

The top layer is a transparent protective coating which usually has built in scratch resistance and stain guarding technology.

Below this is a detailed design layer which is extremely high quality to give the authenticity and realistic appearance of a natural product. This design layer is a picture of the style of flooring; either wood or stone.

The remaining layers consist of stabilising sheets of fibre glass, impact resistant core layers and moisture resistant backing layers to prevent any warping or disfiguration of the tiles.

During the manufacturing of Luxury Vinyl Tile an interlocking click fitting system is also added to the tiles. This helps to provide an easy and straightforward way to install the floor.

Why should you buy LVT?

Resilient Tile Flooring, commonly known as Luxury Vinyl Tiles is by far the most popular flooring solution on the market today. This is down to its many benefits, which we will outline below:


Vinyl flooring is a cost effective method of flooring, whilst still allowing you to have the freedom of design, a major selling point of LVT is the fact it can innovatively mimic the look and texture of different materials.

Because the flooring is seperated into pieces, this makes the upkeep and maintenance of it much simpler. If specific tiles are damaged and need replacing, this can be done so without affecting the rest of the floor – compared to sheet vinyl where cuts would have to be made, or alternatively the entire floor replaced.

  • The wood, tile and stone effects are extremely detailed and realistic. More and more innovative designs are being produced with rich, bold and natural colours to add to the already convincing wood grains and stone textures.
  • LVT is much more durable that wood and stone flooring. It can easily withstand daily wear and tear due to the built in scratch resistant layer and stain guarding technology. The surface of the flooring will not dent or scratch as easily as some natural wood or stone flooring options.
  • It is waterproof so ideal for any areas in your home with excessive water, such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms where natural products like wood may not be suitable.
  • It is tolerant to humidity and challenging environments. Natural floor coverings can sometime react to humidity and moisture in a negative way, but LVT can comfortably cope with constant changes in temperature and humidity. Perfect for conservatories, orangeries or rooms with large amount of glazing.
Manufactured from extremely robust materials LVT is built to withstand the pressures of a commercial environment. Excessive traffic, flame resistance and exposure to moisture; there’s not much this flooring cannot endure. With many designs made from 100% vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles meet the green building standards for commercial applications. You can rest assured, when laying this flooring in your home you’re using a high quality product that’s built to last.
Unless under the expert eye, it’s extremely difficult to differentiate LVT from hardwood and tiled flooring. The design, texture and finish are an impeccable standard. Bevelled edges add realism whilst additional feature strips enhance the detail of the design and eliminate the need for grouting. There’s a huge range of unique vinyl designs to choose from. Mosaic and checked patterns are particularly popular with contemporary stylists. Although modernists with a creative flare prefer striking colours and bold configurations. Stand out from the crowd and create your own unique flooring. Mixing multiple tile shapes and colours can result in some wonderful statement pieces, guaranteed to earn admiration from your peers!

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