Resilient Sheet Flooring

Vinyl Sheeting

Vinyl is a fully synthetic floor made from layers of PVC and fibreglass. This is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens due to its’ water resistent properties.
vinyl sheet floor
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Water Resistant Properties

Sheet vinyl is water resistent due to its' compositionof PVC which is a water resistent material. Furthermore, as it's manufactured on a roll, this reduces the need for joins and seams which further reduces the risk of damage via water.


Vinyl sheeting can be highly durable. If it is installed properly; then it could last upwards of 15+ years. Most sheet vinyl has a wear layer to prevent scratches and stains. You can be confident to put have it in areas with high foot traffic.


Vinyl as a whole is on the cheaper end of the flooring spectrum, compared to hardwood floors. Sheet vinyl is more inexpensive than luxury vinyl tiles


Vinyl is made with an image placed underneath the wear layer. This allows for a diverse range of design and customisation options to suit your requirements.

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