Flooring underlay is a thin layer of material, for example; rubber or felt. The thin layer of material helps cushion, sound absorption, insulation and reduce wear with your flooring.
Carpet Underlay

Pros of good underlay

Good underlay will…

  • Improve underfoot comfort
  • Increase appearance retention, reducing flattening.
  • Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear.
  • Improve thermal insulation and warmth.
  • Increase sound insulation
  • Smooth out sub floor imperfections.
  • Last the lifetime of the carpet.

Cons of old underlay

Old underlay will…

  • Feel hard and unwelcoming.
  • Reduce carpet life.
  • Cause carpet fibre to break down more quickly.
  • Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots.
  • Not meet British standards.

The different types of underlay...

A good insulation is pointless without a matching carpet.

There’s a variety of different carpets available to buy for your home, the one you choose depends on your needs, but one thing is for certain – nothing compares to the luxurious feeling of a carpet under your feet.

selection of carpet samples

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