Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Choosing commercial flooring can be difficult, there are various types; each which create a different feel within a workspace.

At Johnson Flooring, we offer can complete your commercial flooring requirements from start to finish.

From the floor preparation, to laying the floor materials, we will provide the best quality service.

Floor Preparation

The quality of the finished floor will only be as good as the subfloor over which it has been laid. All flooring finishes require a clean, sound, level surface that is sufficiently strong and capable of supporting any applied subfloor preparation
materials and the chosen floor finish.

Subfloor compounds and plywood are both two of the most popular floor preparation materials. Based on your chosen floor material, we will analyse and decide the appropriate floor preparation method to use.

Vinyl Sheet & Tiles

Vinyl floor coverings are made up of a combination of PVC, fillers and plasticisers to enhance the product performance characteristics. They are one of the most popular materials when it comes to commercial flooring.

Vinyl floors are used widely in health care, education, public buildings, transport and in residential applications. Vinyl floorings are highly attractive, cost-effective and have excellent in use performance and durability. 

The most common vinyl flooring solutions are vinyl sheeting & luxury vinyl tiles.

Stick Down Textiles


Carpets and carpet tiles offer many benefits within commercial interiors including sound absorption, underfoot comfort, thermal insulation and improved slip resistance. The amount of colours, textures and patterns also gives specifiers plenty of scope within the design arena.

Carpet fibre selection is important, as it determines the core of the carpet or carpet tiles aesthetics and performance attributes. Regardless of the manufacturing and backing technology, the fibre is still the most important factor in determining aesthetics, long-term performance and ease of care and maintenance.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can be laid in all areas of an installation both domestic and contract, and they are ideal for awkward-shaped rooms as you buy for the area,
not the width of the carpet roll. They are easily transportable and can be used with an underlay
although this is not a requirement.

Types of carpet tiles:

Various construction types of carpet tiles are available including woven, tufted, fibre bonded, fusion bonded and flocked. The backings options
vary and include bitumen, PVC, synthetic crumb, fibre and recycled backings. Many carpet tiles are also available in an equivalent sheet or roll carpet option.

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